Belly Button Jewelry

The first to set the craze of the belly button jewelry were top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell who showed off great navel attires on the catwalk. Nowadays, women from all over the world choose to accent this very nice-looking body part by the use of attractive belly rings; this is the outcome of a phenomenon that actually started back in the 90s when body piercing was not so popular as it is today.


The Internet provides the widest range of belly button jewelry to choose from and at very accessible prices too; made of various materials, gold, titanium, organic matter and so on, such jewelry meets almost any expectations in terms of color, size and shape.

For those of you who’d like to try body piercing for the first time, there are a few things you should know concerning the type of belly button jewelry to choose and the safety health precautions that need to be followed. First of all, choose a good piercer whom to trust; proper working conditions are everything since it is not uncommon to get a belly button infection.

This is why you will also have to keep good care of the fresh navel piercing to avoid any health problems. You may choose the belly button jewelry before going to the piercing saloon, or wait until then, to see what recommendations you may receive. Actually, there are some materials that are better tolerated by the body, particularly when piercing for the first time.

Another health tip here concerns the change of the belly button jewelry; it is usually recommended that you keep the same belly ring for at least a few months after making the piercing. This is the minimum period of time required to make sure that body tolerance in the area is already achieved, and from then on you may change the belly button jewelry as you wish.

For many people belly button jewelry actually becomes a way of expressing their personality, and unlike lip and eyebrow rings, navel jewelry can be shown only when you want. It is often the case that the first piece of belly button jewelry you wear be the one given at the body piercing studio.

Even if you may not like it so much, try not to change it until the wound is healed since you risk to make more damage to the area and cause a body tissue reaction. Even when you buy your own belly button jewelry, it is advisable not to wear gold for instance, since this precious metal contains all sorts of alloys that may irritate the fresh piercing.

Updated: April 22, 2020 — 9:08 pm

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