Betty Boop Purses

Betty Boop purses are the perfect token for any lady who loves this classic character. This cartoon icon has been around for nearly a century and she has brought smiles to the faces of children and adults all along. There are plenty of collectables that feature this flirty character but few are as fitting as Betty Boop purses.

The reason that a handbag makes for the ideal collector’s item for this particular genre is quite apparent to some of us. Nothing represents a woman on the go quite like a carry all. Many of us can’t live without them. Why not add some personality to this must-have by choosing Betty Boop purses that are wonderful for collecting but even better for using.

Following are three great examples of Betty Boop purses. Of course, you want to consider what you are really looking for as you browse. These handbags come in an array of shapes and sizes as well as colors and designs. There is most certainly at least one Betty Boop purse that is right for your needs.

Coin purses make for unusual but wonderful choices. These tiny Betty Boop purses are ideal for the professional woman who wants to add some humor to her wardrobe without tipping off her associates. Any regular handbag can contain a whimsical Betty Boop coin purse and no one will be the wiser.

The coin purse is great for organization and quick access to change and it makes a great present for a young girl. It also makes a great gift for a woman who is young at heart. Many of these items are offered in the classic black-white-red contrasting colors which make them ideal choices for any number of people.

On the other spectrum is the tote bag. This bigger version of the carry all really can carry all that you need. Since I am an avid fan of the classic cartoon character, I had a very difficult time choosing just one handbag. So I wound up buying three Betty Boop purses. I had to. They”re so inexpensive that I just couldn’t pass them up.

My first pick is a black and white film purse. You got it. The actual design of this handbag looks like strips of old film. I love this carry all and it is the single most important item in my accessories. My second pick was quite different. This is a flirty little number in a great girly pink shade.

Updated: April 22, 2020 — 9:11 pm

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