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Betty Boop Purses

Betty Boop purses are the perfect token for any lady who loves this classic character. This cartoon icon has been around for nearly a century and she has brought smiles to the faces of children and adults all along. There are plenty of collectables that feature this flirty character but few are as fitting as […]

Ladies Handbags

Women always have essentials to bring with them where ever they go, be it in a broad daylight or in a still evening. No wonder there have been numerous designers who have created ladies handbags that have also been one of their fashion statements and playful expressions. Nevora Functional Ladies Handbags – Mocha Sling is […]

The Hobo Handbag

For all you non-fashionistas who finally decided to catch up the latest style, here’s the story behind one of today’s hip bags, the hobo handbag. As you all know, a hobo is a homeless wanderer, sometimes a drunk, with a particular habit of hopping into freight trains for a free ride. Its image became a […]

Kate Spade Handbags

A few years ago, I wanted a new purse. Several people directed me to Kate Spade handbags, claiming that they were indeed the best thing since sliced bread. “Oh, you”ll just love Kate Spade handbags!” they told me. Being a skeptic, I started to educate myself on these bags before I decided to make a […]

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