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Crystal Jewelry Engagement Rings

Many couples believe the crystal jewelry—especially rings—that are given during engagement signify eternal love and the unbreakable bond of marriage that’s why more and more people are being meticulous about it. Of all the kinds of wedding and engagement crystal rings available in the market today, one of the most popular and in demand is […]

Cubic Zirconia Brooches

  Brooches have been used for hundreds of years. The Viking women used brooches to fasten two straps of their pinafores together. The brooches of that time were only serviceable so they were not decorated with jewels. However, through out history brooches have been used to hold up tunics, as a fastener for cloaks, or […]

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are very special pieces of jewelry that signify the love between two people. They are to be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Making sure the ring is a good fit is important so you don’t lose it. You also don’t want it to be so tight that it is […]

Belly Button Jewelry

The first to set the craze of the belly button jewelry were top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell who showed off great navel attires on the catwalk. Nowadays, women from all over the world choose to accent this very nice-looking body part by the use of attractive belly rings; this is the outcome […]

What Are Toe Rings

A relatively new fashion item in the western world is the idea of toe rings. In western cultures they are used exclusively for looks. By tradition they are worn on the second toe and are in matched sets. However women of the west don’t necessarily follow this and will wear only one or unmatched sets. […]

Marie Antoinette Earrings

There’s no more fascinating subject in history than the doomed French Queen Marie Antoinette. Much maligned by history (she never said “Let them eat cake,” in response to the people’s need for bread), she was an unwilling part of the one of the greatest revolutions in history. And met an untimely end at the guillotine […]

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