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Women always have essentials to bring with them where ever they go, be it in a broad daylight or in a still evening. No wonder there have been numerous designers who have created ladies handbags that have also been one of their fashion statements and playful expressions.

Nevora Functional Ladies Handbags

– Mocha Sling is a good pair for their other tote products. It is small where you can even slip inside the Scarlet Organizer. It features a zip top where the interior is lined in lime green material.

– Scarlet Organizer is designed for those who are seriously in office work. It can accommodate your laptop and other personal accessories. The interior is lined in lime green material where the bottom has a chrome feet made for protection.

Jazz Bold Ladies Handbags

– Green South Coast has a light avocado hue. It is accented with lime and orange leatherette and chrome studs. On the front, it is embroidered with flowers that adds more life to the piece.

– Brown City Lights has a soft ultra- suede material in cool brown shade. It is sewn into gently shaped ornament that measures more than 14 inches. It is adorned with chrome studs and clear crystals while the buckles function to shorten or lengthen the handles.

Loredana Kimono Ladies Handbags

– Purple Floral Pouch measures about 9.5 by 6.5 inches. It has a burgundy trim at seam with similar color to the 40- inch shoulder cord. In the front and back, the panels have that vintage silk kimono textile with a rich violet background together with painted flowers in gray, rose and emerald.

– Blue tones Clutch is posh in attribute. The back has a black seafoam with a textile pattern in blue gray, pastel brick and orange crepe colors. The front in the otherhand, has a deep royal blue and blask hue with sparkling silver flecks.

Glenda Gies Ladies Handbags

– Jackie in White Tweed has chromed peg les for protection. Its pieces are joined with a patent leather trim in black shade. Its interior is lined in white with dark polka- dots and tiny zip pouch.

– Violet in Blue Chenille is both long and short that has plenty of compartments for accessories. It has a rich chenille material that has a tufted floral diamond outline accelerated above an antique gold milieu.

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