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It would seem that watches are not as necessary as they use to be. Most people that carry a cell phone tend to use them to tell the time, and they find that they don’t need to wear watches any longer, especially if they don’t like to wear them for whatever reason. However, ladies watches are still as popular as they once were, as they are often an accessory as well as a way to tell time. There are some who may never use them for time, but they would feel naked if they didn’t have one on. Thankfully, there are some great styles and brands out there from which to choose.

I wore ladies watches for a very long time. I never usually bought them though, as they were usually gifts. The hard part about giving the gift of ladies watches is that you really have to know what a woman likes before you buy something like that for her. My husband once spent a lot of money on a watch for me, but he got one that was gold. I never wear gold, and it did not go with anything else that I owned. I would go without jewelry just to wear the watch for him, but it was soon in the drawer because I didn’t wear it very often and it clashed with everything else that I wore.

If you want to buy ladies watches for the special female in your life, you have to know what she likes. Something as simple as buying the wrong type of metal will be a big mistake. Look at the necklaces and the bracelets she might wear. If she doesn’t wear them, look at her wedding ring, if she has one. Women tend to choose one type of metal and that is what they wear exclusively. Some prefer gold, but some (like me) prefer silver. If you can get the right type of metal, you have half of the battle won.

After that, you might be on your own when choosing ladies watches. You could see what she has, and buy something that is similar. Just remember that even though they tell time, many ladies see these as an accessory, and they won’t wear or use it unless they really like it. They do make great gifts though, and you can find great prices around the holidays, and you can also find some great ladies watches online if you search around. You might even find a great deal on eBay.

Updated: April 22, 2020 — 9:16 pm

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