The Khaki Handbag

No handbag lover’s collection is complete without a khaki handbag. That begs the questions: Why? And just how many handbags does a woman need? Well, if we want to have a versatile collection, then we need just about one from every style of handbag.

Then we must have almost every color or combination thereof. Add to that: we simply must possess the latest color in vogue. So here comes khaki. It was the staple wear for Steve Irwin, also known as The Crocodile Hunter; the khaki uniform was part of his trademark.

Once considered the standard color for troop uniforms, khaki has evolved to mainstream fashion. You can find it advertised in pants, jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses, bathing suits, blouses, shoes among many other fashion accessories; and it’s not only for women but for men and children as well. These days, it’s typical and accepted for almost any semi-formal wear.

Of course, as with any fashion trend, the designers have to insert their influence. So now some designers have inserted this trend in creating their own khaki products…

They have created shoulder bags, messenger bags, totes, hobos among other accessories. Yves Saint Laurent has the zip top shoulder khaki bag. Then there’s the Kelsey leather shoulder bag by Kooba; Jimmy-Choo has the Peep-toe Pumps; Cole Haan designed the Paige Hobo single shoulder strap handbag as well as the single shoulder strap draw string hobo.

Other designers such as Tommy Hilfiger have Khaki totes. Coach’s wide selection of khaki hand bags include pouches, hobos, backpacks, satchels, small flap handbags, khaki wallets and other accessories such as waist scarves, wristlets and much more. You can even find a beautiful mother-of-pearl khaki evening bag.

To add a little excitement to these khaki handbag designs, some designers add bright colors to the khaki, making a bold fashion statement. Gucci has a khaki red handbag in its line; Coach has created its beautiful Signature Patchwork Pouch with snake trim of khaki and pink.

It’s not difficult to find khaki handbags; they are quite popular. Remember, though, when you’re selecting your handbags, that you’re making a fashion statement so choose one that complements your figure whether it’s a khaki hand bag or not.

Updated: April 22, 2020 — 9:08 pm

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